5 Reasons Why DIY HVAC Repair is NOT a Good Idea

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5 Reasons Why DIY HVAC Repair is NOT a Good Idea

When something goes wrong with the HVAC system, there may be homeowners who choose to forego a formal inspection and do the repair themselves. This is a common response from people who think the DIY route will help them save lots of time and money.

Unfortunately, going DIY with HVAC repair can lead to dangerous consequences, which can even turn deadly with one wrong move. Here are 5 reasons why you should ditch the DIY method and call the professionals in terms of HVAC repair.

Reduced Efficiency

Doing your own HVAC repair may lead to an air conditioner or furnace that’s running at substandard efficiency. A unit that fails to perform at optimal levels due to poor maintenance or repair quality will eventually result in a higher monthly operating cost. This means you will be paying more for utilities every month.

Compromised Safety

5 Reasons Why DIY HVAC Repair is NOT a Good Idea1Tinkering with an HVAC system comes with hazards that could cause permanent injury or worse, death. Dangers related to HVAC repair include high electrical voltage, toxic combustion fumes, and flammable pressurized natural gas. That’s why people need to undergo training and get certifications to become an HVAC professional.

Wholesale HVAC retailers usually do not sell tools or parts required to fix a heating and cooling system because it can be a liability. Even if you manage to get the necessary parts, you will still expose yourself to the many dangers of DIY HVAC repair.

Voided Warranty and Legal Consequences

A lot of warranties require you to have professional maintenance done on your system, so going DIY may void what remains of your warranty. Aside from that, trying to fix an issue with your unit may even be illegal.

There are HVAC units requiring refrigerants that cannot be legally purchased without proper certifications. What’s more is there are complicated HVAC codes in place to regulate how these units should be installed and how they should function. These codes may vary depending on your region.

Professional HVAC technicians have gone through extensive training, have the right certifications, and have the right tools for the job.

Lack of Proper Tools and Equipment

HVAC repair and maintenance requires a set of special tools and equipment specially designed for professional field techs. Pliers and a screwdriver aren’t enough to get things done. Most companies invest thousands of dollars to tools and technology to make sure their customers’ HVAC systems are repaired the right way.

Danger to Others

DIYers not only pose a danger to themselves, but they could also put their family members and other home occupants at serious risk. Improper work conducted by uncertified personnel poses a risk of fire or lethal carbon monoxide poisoning.

Always Hire a Professional

It may be tempting to go DIY for a few dollars in savings, but the risk is not worth the cost. Your HVAC system is a valuable investment and you should treat it as such. Instead of trying to perform an HVAC repair on your own, it’s best to call a professional who can advise you on the best course of action for your faulty system.

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