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5 Reasons Your Home Heating System Isn’t Working


Although you may not think about it often, your home heating system is an essential part of your daily life. When it’s working properly, you hardly notice it – but when it fails, you quickly realize just how important it is. If your home heating system isn’t working as it should, here are five possible reasons why. In this article, you’ll learn the common reasons your home heating system isn’t working.

1. Poor Maintenance

One of the most common reasons home heating systems stop working is poor maintenance. Systems that aren’t cleaned and inspected regularly can cause all sorts of problems, from a decrease in efficiency to a full-blown breakdown. Even a small amount of dust can cause your system to work harder, which will increase your energy costs and shorten the life of important components.

If you aren’t going to get regular maintenance on your home heating system, at least make sure that it is clean during annual inspections. If there are parts that look damaged or worn out, have them replaced before they fail completely!

2. Your Home Heating System Begins Cycling Too Frequently

One of the most common reasons that a home heating system stops working is because of cycling. When a furnace cycles too often, it can cause damage to the furnace and lead to an early failure.

This happens when the thermostat senses an abnormally high temperature for any length of time and kicks in early in order to prevent overheating. However, this prevents users from getting the right level of heat so appliances won’t run as long, costing you more in the end.

3. Clogged And Dirty Filters

One of the most common reasons home heating systems stop working is because of a clogged filter. This happens when dirt and dust accumulate on the filter over time and prevent air from flowing through properly.

It’s important to regularly change your home heating system filters to keep the air flowing freely and ensure that your furnace is running at its best. A clogged filter can cause the furnace to overheat, which can lead to a number of problems, including a sudden stop in heating.

Be sure to check and clean or replace your filters regularly to keep your home heating system running smoothly. The good news is that this is an easy fix – all you have to do is replace the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

This could lead to a blocked airflow. If there’s something blocking the flow of air, the furnace will not be able to generate heat. A home heating system is designed to push heated air throughout your house. If the airflow is blocked, the system can’t do its job and will stop working. Some common reasons for a blocked airflow:

  • Dirty filters: A dirty filter will block the airflow and cause the system to overheat. Be sure to change your filter regularly!
  • Clogged vents: Dust and dirt can accumulate in vents and block the airflow. Cleaning out your vents every few months can help prevent this from happening.
  • Pets: Pets can be a big source of dust and hair, which can clog up vents and filters. Make sure you keep pets away from furnaces and vents!

4. Faulty Pilot Light

A broken pilot light is one of the most common reasons a home heating system suddenly stops working. When the pilot light goes out, it can prevent the furnace from igniting and warming your home.

There are several possible causes of a broken pilot light, including:

  • A lack of proper maintenance
  • Clogged or dirty air filters
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Malfunctioning gas valve

If you’re having trouble getting your home heating system to work, make sure to check the pilot light first. If it’s not lit, try relighting it and see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, then there may be another issue that needs to be addressed.

5. Broken Fan

The most common cause of this is that the fan motor has burned out. A faulty motor will not circulate air through your home, so it does no good for your heating system to keep running if you can’t feel any warm air blowing from the vents. A fan is an important part of a home heating system. It helps to circulate the heat throughout the house. When the fan breaks, it can cause the entire system to stop working.

This is because the fan helps to move the heated air from the furnace and distribute it through the ducts. Without the fan, there is no way for the heated air to reach all of the rooms in your house. As a result, your home will be much colder than usual. If you are experiencing problems with your home heating system, make sure to have a technician check out the fan first. It may be just what you need to get your system up and running again!

If your home heating system isn’t working, the problem could have a variety of different causes. We hope this article has helped you identify some potential issues that may be affecting your heater and how to get it up and running again. Have you noticed any other symptoms? Call us today for expert help with troubleshooting or identifying the root cause of what is making your furnace not working properly.




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