5 Reasons Your Home’s Furnace Isn’t Working

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5 Reasons Your Home’s Furnace Isn’t Working

If you are currently experiencing issues with your home’s furnace, then it is very likely that there are some underlying problems. A furnace can be a complicated system to understand, but understanding the basics will help you figure out what might be going wrong. In this article, we’ll go over 5 reasons why your home’s furnace may not be working properly.


What Causes A Furnace To Stop Working?

A furnace that stops working can be a major inconvenience. It forces you to waste money on your utility bill and prevents you from staying warm in the winter months. The good news is that there are many reasons why your furnace might stop working, some of which may not even require expensive repairs.

The first step is to determine which part of your furnace isn’t working. Many parts make up a typical furnace, including the heating sensor, the fuel valve assembly, and more. Your best bet for finding out what’s causing your system problems is by calling in an expert who can diagnose the problem quickly and accurately. Here are five common reasons why furnaces stop working:

1. Broken Thermostat

Check your thermostat to make sure it is working. If the power isn’t on, you won’t be able to get any warmth in your home if this is why your furnace isn’t working. Ensure the thermostat has turned on and that there are no other issues with its functionality before moving forward. When the thermostat is broken, it doesn’t send a signal to the furnace. You may not even realize that your furnace isn’t working at all. Fixing this issue requires either replacing or repairing the faulty thermostat.

2. Filters That Are Dirty Or Clogged

Furnaces work harder when the filter is dirty or clogged. They have to run longer and at a higher temperature to heat your home, which means that it will probably break sooner than if you kept up with regular maintenance checks. When the blower motor fails, this often accompanies it as well since there are two motors involved with running one furnace unit so replacing them together might be more expensive but if you are lucky enough not to replace both of them then at least now you know what may need fixing next.

3. The Pilot Light Or Electrical Ignition Has Failed

There are two main types of furnace ignitions, pilot light, and electric ignition. Malfunctioning pilot light or a failed electric ignition can cause your furnace not to work. With a pilot-ignited system, the heat exchangers inside the heater may be cold because they don’t receive enough gas supply from the unit itself. The problem might be with burned-out pilot lights that need replacement, even if it’s just one such as you’ll see in many older homes where there is only one per heating appliance. If your home has an electronic ignition instead of a pilot flame mechanism then this may indicate that something else isn’t working right like faulty wiring or sensors which control how much gas goes into the furnace.

4. The Blower Motor Fails

The blower motor is the key to making sure that air stays moving around your home. If it fails, you’ll have no heat since hot air can’t be distributed throughout an entire house when one component has failed, even if there are many efficient furnaces or HVAC systems in place. Have any ducts cleaned up so they aren’t blocked by dirt build-up and tune-up done on your furnace regularly for best possible performance from this important part of their operation.

5. Fuel Supply Issues

Most furnaces are either powered by electricity or natural gas, and each type comes with its own set of problems. One common problem is poor wiring that will cause an electric furnace to short circuit and blow the breaker. If you notice any issues related to your home’s power supply going out at night time it may be because there has been a leak fuse box nearby. Contact a qualified electrician as soon as possible before anything worse happens such as toxic gasses leaking into your house from improperly vented plumbing systems or fire raged unchecked.

A furnace can stop working for several reasons. But if you have any doubts, call us today. We’re here to help and we would love the opportunity to serve your needs. Hopefully, this list has helped you figure out what might be causing your problem so that it does not happen again in the future. And remember, if at first, you don’t succeed, call us.


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