5 Things to consider when choosing an air conditioning repair service

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5 Things to consider when choosing an air conditioning repair service

When your air conditioner becomes inefficient or simply stops working, the last thing you want is to waste time and money getting poor service from a low-quality repair company. When choosing a reputable air conditioning repair company, keep these 5 key things in mind :

The California State Licensing Board requires all licensed contractors to provide potential customers a written cost estimate prior to performing work. You can also use that estimate to compare the price of services with other competitors in your area. This doesn’t mean you should opt for the cheapest services, but you’ll learn a lot about how a contractor operates by reviewing estimates. California State Licensing Board also requires that all contractors provide a one year warranty for their work.


After checking the price, consider the repair company’s experience. It’s important to know if the service provider has proper knowledge and equipment to repair the model of air conditioning unit that you own. He/she must be able to diagnose the unit and handle the entire repair without causing more problems.


One way to check a company’s reputation is by checking their track record. A reliable company that has successfully provided services to many homeowners in a specific area will certainly have many referrals. Check the company’s social media page to see how people are responding to their air conditioning repair services. Additionally, ask the opinion of friends and family about the HVAC contractors they trust.


A company operating without a contractor’s license should be a big red flag to potential customers. Make sure the company has the proper classification of license before you agree to their services. This serves as proof that the company has at least the minimal amount of know-how, experience and bonding to offer services to the public.

Customer service

How a company treats its customers speaks volumes, and starts with your first phone call. That initial contact should be met with understanding and politeness. Why spend your hard-earned money on a rude or unresponsive business? Look for a contractor that listens and responds to the clients’ needs quickly, provides clear information and readily answers all customer questions. Just like in any business, HVAC repair companies should make clients comfortable before, during, and after the service.

Before committing to an air conditioning repair company, it pays to do your research first. Always pick a company that is reliable and can offer superb service at a reasonable price. You can also get referrals from your trusted friends and family to make sure that your chosen company will not let you down.

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