7 Myths About Your Home Furnace You Probably Still Believe

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7 Myths About Your Home Furnace You Probably Still Believe

Furnaces are an essential piece of home heating equipment. They provide warmth and comfort for your family, but you may not know that they also require regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently. Believe it or not, furnaces have a lot of misconceptions surrounding them. In this article, we will discuss 7 common myths about furnace care so you can be informed on the facts.

What Is The Story Behind All Of Home Furnace Myths?

Do you have a furnace at home? Chances are if so, there is a lot of questions and confusion surrounding the appliance. This happens because furnaces aren’t exactly one-size-fits-all when it comes to how they work. There are many different types of furnaces with many different purposes and settings that make them unique for your needs. The story behind these furnaces goes back decades in time where homes were heated using stoves or fireplaces instead of electric or gas-powered equipment like today’s modernized versions with their thermostats and timers. Let’s discuss 7 myths about your home furnace in this article below.

Myth #1: Crank the thermostat to heat your home as soon as possible.

Everyone has done it at some point, turning up the thermostat too high when we feel cold. You probably think that this is a way to get warm and quickly turn down your furnace or heater so you can be comfortable but sadly it’s not true. Rather than helping your heating system work faster, which would take longer because they need time for airflow around all parts of the home including upstairs where there might only seem like one place with heat coming out, the higher setting just wastes energy by keeping them running overtime until things reach their desired temperature setpoint using less fuel overall while also raising electricity rates in order meet these needs.

Myth #2: Reduce your heating cost by opening any vents or registers.

You should never open any vents or registers to save on heating costs. All of the ventilation and air goes through a central system so opening some does not reduce your overall cooling cost. If you do open any, make sure you close it before turning the furnace back on. Closing all upholstery flaps will keep heat in better than leaving them as is.

Myth #3: It is possible to save money by restoring old furnaces.

As with any appliance, you don’t want to invest in a new furnace unless it is necessary. However, when it comes to furnaces, many homeowners will choose the least expensive option for repairing or restoring their old system even if they can afford something new. They might not realize that a new replacement unit could save them money on energy costs and service contracts while ensuring maximum efficiency gains from day one.

Myth #4: A high-efficient furnace alone will reduce your heating bill.

To achieve maximum savings on your heating bill, you need to pair up a high-efficient furnace with proper insulation. If not properly installed and maintained, this will lead back to wasted money as warm air escapes out of the home’s walls through cracks or holes in them.

Myth #5: Bigger is better for furnaces.

A common myth is that larger furnaces are better than smaller ones. They heat more space, so they must be superior. The truth is that size does not always equal efficiency or convenience. If you live in an area with lower average temperatures year-round, then it’s possible to get by just fine with a furnace of less capacity than one for colder climates. A bigger unit also costs more to run and will wear out faster than its appropriately sized counterpart. Be sure your home heating contractor knows the climate where you live before recommending anything.

Myth #6: Furnace replacement will fix all your problems.

There are many factors besides age and usage rate which contribute to the lifespan of a furnace, such as the location and how it is installed. Furnace replacement won’t magically extend your furnace life if you don’t consider those factors, especially when they are things like poor installation or a faulty thermostat.

Myth #7: A heating system tune-up isn’t required if my furnace is operational.

Many homeowners assume that their home’s furnace does not need to be tuned up or serviced because it runs smoothly and without any issues. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not maintaining your furnace can cause serious damage to your entire HVAC system including pipes, ductwork, vents, and more during a breakdown which would require significant repairs even replacement in some cases. This makes proper maintenance of your heating system very important for both safety and efficiency purposes. Make sure you schedule an annual service appointment.

We hope this article has helped you better understand what myths are out there about your home furnace. One thing that is important for homeowners to know is that while furnaces can be expensive investments, they don’t have to break the bank if you invest in a high-efficiency model. Plus, with proper upkeep and care from an experienced team of experts like ours, your heating system will last longer than ever before so you won’t need a replacement any time soon. Don’t wait until something goes wrong, call us today.


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