Can regular hvac maintenance really help avoid breakdowns and repairs?

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Can regular hvac maintenance really help avoid breakdowns and repairs?

HVAC maintenance is something most people tend to disregard. Unless something is seriously wrong with the system, it’s easy to put off calling a professional, especially if your unit worked well during the last AC season.

But just like maintenance helps your car perform as it should, routine heater and air conditioning maintenance is very important in avoiding costly repairs.

What happens during an hvac maintenance call?

While most air conditioning and heating contractors offer HVAC maintenance services, the level of service they provide varies. Generally, your technician will have a list of things that need to be cleaned, inspected, adjusted, and tested according to your specific HVAC equipment. Doing so takes expertise, tools and equipment specific to an HVAC professional.

During an HVAC maintenance service, a technician may suggest making adjustments to improve your system’s overall performance.

If you have repair issues or failing components in your system, you may be required to schedule an HVAC repair appointment after the maintenance call. Maintenance, or tune-up services are typically completed in a short period of time, so you’ll need to schedule another time for the repair.

Comfort and safety

One of the primary reasons to schedule regular HVAC maintenance is comfort. General wear and tear results in a less effective HVAC system as the years go by – and neglect only adds to the ineffectiveness. We recommend twice-yearly HVAC maintenance is in the spring (before the AC season starts) and again in fall (before the heating season).

Tuning up your system helps it run more efficiently, so your home is heated or cooled faster. Detecting problems sooner means they can be repaired right away, rather than simply waiting for the unit to completely break down. Proactive repairs spare you from costly and unexpected breakdowns in the middle of severe weather.

More importantly, HVAC maintenance helps in the early detection and prevention of carbon monoxide leaks. This protects you and your family from health and safety risks that result from a faulty HVAC system.

Fewer chances of hvac repair

Are you hearing a strange noise or smelling an unusual odor from your furnace? If the answer is yes, scheduling a tune-up with your trusted professional would be a great idea. A technician could help you catch problems before they get worse.

For instance, a fraying belt can lead to unusual operating sounds. If a technician catches and replaces the part in time, you can avoid a snapped belt whipping around the unit and the expensive repair that comes with it. Regular HVAC maintenance actually pays for itself in the long run by avoiding more costly repairs.

Now is a great time to consider an HVAC maintenance agreement with an expert company. Not only are you more likely to keep your unit running efficiently, but you will also be a top priority if you experience a system failure that calls for HVAC repair.

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