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Some people find the idea of checking their own central air conditioner intimidating, but it is simple and can save you money on a service call to get a mechanic to come out to do it for you. 


In only a few minutes, everyone can check to see if their Central Air is working properly. It necessitates the use of a thermometer, which you do not have on hand, but the process is relatively the same regardless of the device you have. 


1. Be sure the central air conditioning system is ready to go before you put it to the test.


Until inspection, make sure your furnace filter has been replaced and that your vent covers have been removed. This way, any obstructions to airflow can be ruled out as the source of any issues. 


You should be able to quickly pop off loose-fitting vents. It could be necessary to use a tool to pry them off if they are tightly fitting. Perhaps pliers or a flat head screwdriver.


If it comes to dismantling the indoor or outdoor components of your central air conditioner device, please contact a skilled AC contractor who has the necessary skills, experience, and resources, parts, and equipment to complete the job correctly and, most importantly, securely.


2. Determine the location of your return and supply air ducts in your home.


The next step is to figure out which ducts in your home are return ducts and which are supply ducts. Place a tissue over each duct in your home to accomplish this. When tissue is placed over a supply vent, the tissue is blown away from the duct. The tissue will suck into the return duct as it is placed over it. You should start the test after you’ve decided which ducts are returned and which are supplies.


3. Check the temperature in both the return and supply air ducts after turning on your air conditioner. 


The next step is to switch on the air conditioning. To ensure that the AC runs long enough for the test, set the thermostat to a temperature that is far below the actual room temperature. 


To begin, locate the supply air duct closest to your indoor air conditioner. Then take a thermometer, even a refrigerator thermometer, and tape it to the inside of the door. 


Allow about ten minutes for the air conditioning to cool off before checking and recording the temperature. Once you’ve taken your measurements, find and measure the nearest return air duct to the device in the same manner.


Before you read and report the results, turn on your air conditioning for 10 minutes. Subtract the two temperatures you measured to get the difference.


The outcome of this test will determine whether or not your system requires maintenance.


You can see a 20-degree gap between the supply and return air ducts on a correctly operating air conditioning system. Your air conditioner can have an issue if the temperature differential between your return and supply is less than 20 degrees. 


If it does, you could be causing harm to your device when it is running. It’s difficult to tell what the issue is without inspecting the appliance, but we often discover that the device is low on refrigerant or needs small repairs at Neighborhood.


If you’ve completed the test and your measurements are less than 20 degrees, you should seriously consider hiring a specialist to inspect the device before the problem worsens. A minimal fix now would be much less costly than paying for a big repair later on if the issue persists.


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