How Can I Check The Air Quality In My Home?

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How Can I Check The Air Quality In My Home?

We all know that the air inside our homes is different from the outside. But have you ever wondered how much cleaner it is? The truth is, indoor air quality can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air! What’s worse, we spend about 90% of our time indoors so this means that most of us are breathing in poor-quality air for a large chunk of the day. That’s why it’s important to do everything possible to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Air purifiers are one way to help achieve better indoor air quality and there are many types on the market with features like HEPA filters and UV lights which remove viruses and bacteria from the surrounding environment. A whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier can protect your home from damage due to dryness.


You’ll probably never be able to accurately predict how much indoor air pollution is affecting your home. This is because there are so many factors that affect IAQ and which one’s matter can vary from state to state, county by county, or even town within those areas! If you want some peace of mind though, testing for toxins in the house would at least let you know what could potentially harm people who live there long term.


  • Buy an Indoor Air Quality Monitor

An indoor air quality monitor is a device that will test the levels of pollution inside your home, and then report this information to you. They can measure almost any aspect of pollutants like particulates or chemical substances in order to tell what’s going on with them so it doesn’t go unnoticed!

Indoor air quality monitors can be expensive, but they are an investment in your home’s wellness. The average price is about $100 with some starting at around 50 bucks and going up to over 300 dollars for the top of their range models.

A lot of people think it’s too pricey because you’re not just paying one time – even though a single device might last years before needing replacement parts or service–instead there are ongoing costs like filters that need replacing every couple of months depending on usage.


  • Check for molds in the air.

Indoor air is a common household pollutant that your indoor quality monitor won’t report on. Mold spores are less obvious and more dangerous than mold, which you may have seen in bread or other foods at one point but not known how to deal with properly—throwing away the item isn’t enough! Airborne molds can be found everywhere – from dark corners of rooms where people spend the most day breathing them out without knowing it (known as an “allergen flush”), up into their ceiling fan during summer months when they start feeling sick again due to those pesky fungi growing inside; even cars sometimes trap these invisible pests trapped under seat cushions.


The best way to protect your family from the silent killer, carbon monoxide is by installing alarms. If you own any appliances that produce this gas – like a dryer or stove- grabbing some detectors at home will keep them safe and sound with long term protection against health risks.


  • Conducting a Radon Test 

It is not only for your safety, but it can also help protect the value of your home. Radon gas poses an invisible threat and won’t asphyxiate you like carbon monoxide will; however long-term exposure to its effects are harmful at best so take precautions today by getting this done now!




Are You Worried About Your Indoor Air Quality?

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