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2400 First St, Livermore, CA 94550


The Bankhead Theater and the Bothwell Arts Center are all operated by the non-profit Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center. LVPAC’s goal is to involve our vibrant culture through a wide variety of arts programs and experiences.


The Bankhead Theater 


The Bankhead Theater has attracted a wide variety of performers and fans since its inception in 2007, bringing them together to share the rich experience of live music and entertainment. Throughout the year, the LVPAC Presents series features more than 40 excellent events. From authentic western swing and the Great American Songbook to classic rock, smooth jazz, and world music, as well as dance, acrobatics, theatre, and comedy, all genres of music are included. Events at the Bankhead educate, amuse, and encourage people of all ages, with appearances by the Resident Companies, various cultural organisations, and traveling shows.


The performing arts have the power to change people’s lives. When children grow and evolve, seeing, listening, and participating in a show can be exhilarating, igniting their imagination and sparking inspiration for the rest of their lives. LVPAC is committed to making the arts affordable and accessible; the season provides family-friendly performances, and all LVPAC Presents activities are just $20 for students and military personnel. Furthermore, educational outreach to area schools and other organizations provides children with unique ways to interact with musicians and the arts.


On both sides of the footlights, the Bankhead provides a fertile ground for growth. Artists prosper on several occasions when they perform in such a small space. The Bankhead has been praised for its perfect acoustics by Grammy Award-winning vocal group Chanticleer, and musicians looking to undergo a transition have opted to make it a stop on their tour.


Bothwell Arts Center


Artists, musicians, and performing arts groups will build and flourish in a welcoming atmosphere at the Bothwell Arts Center, which acts as an incubator for the Tri-thriving Valley’s arts community. The Bothwell Arts Center, which opened in 2006, offers spaces that promote engagement and a rich exchange of new ideas. Every October, the LVPAC’s Artwalk blankets downtown Livermore with exhibitions from artists in all mediums, ranging from experienced practitioners to up-and-coming artists.


Access to affordable accommodation, as well as the encouragement and independence to pursue and expand their talent, is vital for artists at all ages. Bothwell offers a venue for the development of art. Teachers can use rented studios, as well as space for lectures, seminars, rehearsals, exhibitions, and activities, to share their talents in everything from perspective drawing and watercolor painting to music lessons and improv. Performing arts companies will use Bothwell’s huge room for rehearsals and presentations. In addition to having a taste of diverse art styles and a strong involvement with their production, providing a space to cultivate the arts supports the group.


Sharing the arts fosters innovative ideas, encourages innovation, and improves the quality of life of every culture. Livermore Arts Center’s Bothwell Arts Center and Bankhead Theater deliver a diverse variety of productions, festivals, exhibitions, and workshops, encouraging individuals of all ages, backgrounds, interests, and skills to share in the passion of the arts. ​


Livermore, California is blessed to be home to many amazing landmarks that delight both residents and visitors alike.  Check out these amazing landmarks:


  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Discovery Center
  • Livermore Shiva-Vishnu Temple
  • Ravenswood Historic Site
  • Sycamore Grove Park Livermore
  • Centennial Light Bulb
  • Livermore Art Association Gallery
  • National Ignition Facility
  • Lake Del Valle

All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location at Wright Brothers Avenue in Livermore! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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