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Please click here to request maintenance, or call: (888)544-4111 for more maintenance tips!

Superior Mechanical Services Inc. Maintenance Tips

Keeping your heating & cooling systems in good working order means:

  • Increased comfort in home or workplace
  • Longer equipment life
  • Lower utility bills
  • Fewer repairs

Seasonal Maintenance Tips

Schedule a preventative maintenance service call before the heating or cooling season starts. It’s always better to find out about potential problems with your system beforehand.


Inspect and replace your system filters regularly — at lease twice yearly. Operating your system with clogged, dirty filters requires the system to work harder, resulting in lost efficiency, shorter equipment life and higher utility costs.


  • Keep mechanical equipment free of clutter or debris. It’s a fire hazard, and may keep your system from operating efficiently.
  • Vacuum supply and return air registers at least once a year.
  • Listen for abnormal sounds when your heating or cooling system kicks in. If you hear anything unusual, get in touch with your service professional so you can head off problems before they become serious.
  • In winter months, set ceiling fans at their slowest speed and reverse the direction in order to gently push warm air down from the ceiling without generating a breeze.

Too busy or overwhelmed to perform maintenance yourself? No problem! A Superior Club Membership provides peace of mind with twice yearly inspection and maintenance at a reasonable price. Let Superior keep your system running in tip-top shape, help reduce your utility bills and avoid costly unexpected repairs.

Please click here to request maintenance, or Call: (888)544-4111 for more maintenance tips!

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