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Old St. Raymond’s Church

11555 Shannon Ave, Dublin, CA 94568, United States


The Old St. Raymond’s Church in Dublin, California is a historic church that has been standing since the late 1800s. It was originally built as an Episcopal church and now serves as a Catholic parish for those living in the area. The Old St. Raymond’s Church welcomes visitors from all faiths to come and visit their beautiful building which includes stained glass windows, wood paneling, and a pipe organ that dates back to 1884!


Old St. Raymond’s Church in Dublin, California is a historic church that has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The oldest extant Catholic temple and graveyard for both Alameda County residents as well as Contra Costa citizens to lay their heads at rest under one roof was erected back when it first opened 160 years ago this year! Built by Michael Murray from donations provided ($30) along with Jeremiah Fallon donating land worth ten acres which also served its use during construction time too; you can see why these two men were so generous because not only did they provide an invaluable gift but set up residence within the town where all would benefit: followers whose prayerful footsteps could be heard inside every inch while buried ones remained forevermore outside.

The church is a simple Gothic Revival design with a New England-style white clapboard exterior and redwood floors. It was constructed by Irish immigrants from Elphin, County Roscommon before they left for America’s west coast in search of fortune during the 19th century—including along California’sOhlone Coast where these families settled at Fort Bridger decades earlier but had different plans when it came time to build their chapel due mainly because the wood wasn’t readily available nearby so logs were hauled into Dublin then processed there milled using only duty oxen which made all work very difficult indeed!

Originally a mission church, the local residents were unable to affordably pay for a full-time priest so one member of Oakland’s clergy would come by mule once per month. Later it came under St Leander Church in San Leandro then Michael’s Cathedral Livermore before coming within the jurisdiction of Pleasanton’s St Augustine parish where it first held weddings between Ellen Fallon (daughter Jeremiah)and William Tehan. The belfry was added to its current structure around 1880. In 1966, the church moved to a new location and soon afterward was donated by Oakland Diocese to be preserved for future generations. The building had been put up many times throughout its lifetime; first as an Italian Community Center before changing hands multiple times until it finally came into possession of Amador-Livermore Valley Historical Society (ALVHS). ALVHS then sold off some parts like Old Murrayschoolhouse which is still standing at Dublin city limits today while renting out sections inside St Raymond Church itself – including space that can accommodate weddings on site!

The first recorded renovation of Old St. Raymond’s Church was 1922, and the most recent soon after New Orleans took possession in 1874. The church’s general appearance has remained unchanged since its construction back then; that is until 2007 where it underwent extensive restoration work completed through private donations to bring this grand old building up to date with modern-day needs for religious services as well as preservation purposes all at once!




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All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location at Wright Brothers Avenue in Livermore! Stop by for a visit anytime!



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