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Pioneer Cemetery

6600 Donlon Way, Dublin, CA 94568, United States


The Pioneer Cemetery in Dublin, California is one of the oldest burial grounds still in use. Established in 1867, this cemetery has seen over 150 years worth of burials and now houses more than 4500 people. Although it is a place to remember those who have passed on, Pioneer Cemetery also has many interesting features that make it worthwhile for both locals and visitors alike.

Facts About Pioneer Cemetery

  • Tom Donlon, the 25-year-old Irish immigrant who worked on the roof of Old St. Raymond’s Church and fell to his death while completing a task there was buried in Dublin Pioneer Cemetery which has been operating since 1869 with over 600 graves from all around County Meath along its borders- it is still an active cemetery today!
  • The oldest oak tree in Dublin fell during a storm last January of 2017, and it was so huge that the topmost branches knocked over eight plots of headstones. One such plot belonged to Jeremiah Fallon who died when he was just four years old!
  • Many of the graves in this cemetery were surrounded by greenery, which symbolized their loss. The large weeping willows there represent a sense of sadness from family members who have lost someone they love deeply – just like how these trees shed tears for them every year during fall when their leaves turn brown and lose all moisture due to lack of water pressure while still holding onto life’s joys with what little strength left inside themselves despite being withered away into nothingness only able to give their sorrowful beauty as a sign of remembrance.
  • Dublin Cemetery is a historic resting place for many of the most prominent families in our area. Names such as Fallon, Murray, and Donlon dot this landscape while Dougherty can be found among those who were on an infamous journey called The Donner Party which helped them evolve into pioneers themselves!

​Memorial Program 

Though the opportunity to purchase new plots at cemeteries has been limited, Memorial Program provides loved ones with an option for memorialization. As part of this program, a small number (up to 2) of cremation-ready benches and boulders are available through our store that can fit atop each other or stand-alone depending on preference; all items come wrapped in black mourning ribbons ready to adorn your choosing as you wish! Dublin Pioneer Cemetery is open for business! Those interested in being a part of Dublin’s history are encouraged to apply. And if you don’t have your loved one yet, they’ll be able to get their own plot when memorial pavers or tree plaques are up at lower costs than what has been seen before in other cemeteries – all on a first-come basis only though so make sure not wait too long because these spots go fast.





Dublin, California is blessed to be home to some of the area’s most delightful attractions that inspire both residents and visitors alike.  Check out these amazing attractions on your next visit:

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All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location at Wright Brothers Avenue in Livermore! Stop by for a visit anytime!



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