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Sycamore Grove Park Livermore

1051 Wetmore Rd, Livermore, CA 94550


Explore 800 acres of sycamore alluvial forest, oak woodlands, and grasslands at Sycamore Grove Park! They’re available from 7:00 a.m. to sunset every day. At 1051 Wetmore Road and 5049 Arroyo Road, there are two public entrances. Between the two parking, lots is a 2.5 mile ADA accessible paved road, and miles of gravel paths offer peaceful spots and exercise challenges for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. Families with small children enjoy their natural garden (near the Wetmore Entrance) and creek areas. About every weekend, they provide free ranger-led programs.


Over the last 15 years, the park has almost grown in size, making it a wonderful spot to spend the day and go on a long walk. Dogs must be on a leash. The trails are often regularly patrolled by the rangers.


What to do when you visit Sycamore Grove Park


Hike the trails


There are several trails from which to pick. The Cattail Loop, Valley View Loop, and Harrier’s trail are all worth a try. Some are the most remote trails, and you’ll have to hike uphill, so bring lots of sunscreens, comfortable shoes, and a snack. Visitors are expected to be greeted with some nature watching.


Watch out for activities 


Visitors can check out their Facebook page for any announcements on upcoming activities to join before they visit. Throughout the year, they typically host a series of events like an edible plants program where conventional uses of plants will be taught to the participants. Usually, they have samples as well as a recipe booklet to take home!


Wildlife at Sycamore Park


The arrival of wildflower season at the park is exciting news! It ensures that the hillsides of California get drenched in purple, violet, yellow, and green hues. Picking wildflowers is not allowed in the park, however. Visitors are encouraged to leave flowers for the enjoyment of everyone. 


Make sure you have your camera so you can film all of the amazing animals. Mule deer can be found all over the Bay Area. It’s in local and state parks, as well as in people’s yards and gardens! They enjoy a wide range of foods, including grasses, edible herbs, and even twigs from woody shrubs.


On rainy days, Arboreal Salamanders can be found near creeks. They can also be found under logs. The Bay Area is home to these salamanders. They enjoy the wet winter weather, particularly in California’s coastal redwood forests and oak woodlands. Their big toes and prehensile tail help them scale trees, earning them the name “Arboreal.”


In the fall, Sycamore Grove Park is absolutely stunning! Sycamore trees are one of the few native California trees that change color brilliantly as the seasons change. One of the only surviving intact stands of Western sycamores on the globe can be found in Sycamore Grove. As California grew, much of the prime Sycamore forest was mined for gravel to create roads and other structures.


Livermore, California is blessed to be home to many amazing landmarks that delight both residents and visitors alike.  Check out these amazing landmarks:


  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Discovery Center
  • Livermore Shiva-Vishnu Temple
  • Ravenswood Historic Site
  • Livermore Performing Arts Center
  • Centennial Light Bulb
  • Livermore Art Association Gallery
  • National Ignition Facility
  • Lake Del Valle

All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location at Wright Brothers Avenue in Livermore! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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