The Wave at Emerald Glen Park

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The Wave at Emerald Glen Park

4201 Central Pkwy, Dublin, CA 94568, United States


The Wave is an amazing rock formation at Emerald Glen Park in Dublin, California. The wave was created by a large boulder that fell from the cliff to its current location and acted as a natural sculptor of the sandstone ground underneath it. The Wave has become one of the most photographed features at Emerald Glen Park because of its impressive size and beautiful setting.

The Wave’s name comes from how it looks like a giant wave crashing onto shore or perhaps off into space! The closer you get, the more The Wave resembles an abstract painting with colors ranging from black and browns to oranges and yellows.

Let’s Explore The Wave at Emerald Glen Park!

The City of Dublin is proud to bring you The Wave, its newest and most exciting community facility. With a natatorium (indoor pool) that can seat 662 people at one time for aquatic events or gatherings large enough so every member deserves their own private space when they are in need! Come spend the day with us here in our New American Backyard today- we’re open 7 days/week until 8 pm because everyone needs some fun ‘water’ time even if it’s just once per week!!

Aquatics programs include summer swim lessons taught by expert coaches who will help develop skills needed on these national team levels; water amenities such as an interactive waterslide tower complete with tube ride downstream, water cannons, and other interactive challenges that will bring something new every time you visit The Wave; aquatic programming for toddlers to teens using the latest in teaching techniques thanks to our aquatics staff who are always coming up with fresh ideas through their own studies at universities all over California. The opportunities here in The Wave’s New American Backyard begin today- just come by!

There is never a dull moment here at The Wave – we have amenities such as fitness facilities where personal trainers can help members achieve individual goals or build group stamina during class times held multiple days per week so there is no excuse not to participate when it fits right into your schedule- especially if you’re busy!! Our family locker rooms give parents peace of mind knowing they can drop off their children and be sure they are safe in The Wave’s family-friendly environment while you continue on with your busy day. And if you need a little sunshine break when the weather is right, The Wave has outdoor amenities such as an indoor/outdoor pool where members can enjoy year-round swimming no matter what the temperature might be outside!

The City of Dublin wants to invite its’ residents to The New American Backyard located at Emerald Glen Park for aquatic fun that will last a lifetime here in our community facility that we’re proud to share with all who live nearby or visit during their time off from work.





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Dublin, California is blessed to be home to some of the area’s most delightful attractions that inspire both residents and visitors alike.  Check out these amazing attractions on your next visit:

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All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location at Wright Brothers Avenue in Livermore! Stop by for a visit anytime!



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