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We know finding the best pool cleaning service in Livermore can be a daunting task, so we put together this detailed list of the best of the best pool cleaners in Livermore, California so you can make your choice wisely.  Each Livermore service gives its patrons a weekly pool service experience that you can trust to leave your pool clean and beautiful! If you know another amazing pool cleaning service that should also be included in our list – or one that should be removed – please let us know!

1. Cal Pool Care, 1261 Locust St # 22, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

:  Cal Pool Care specializes in private inground swimming baths, spas, and water fountains, as well as pool cleaning, renovation, and thermal solar heating. Many of your swimming pool operation and maintenance needs will be handled by their skilled technicians. Cal Pool Care takes pride in offering exceptional customer support to all of their clients, combining competent and dependable service with direct contact.


Services: They have frequent pool cleaning and repair services. Cal Pool Care cleans baths, spas, fountains/water amenities, and hot tubs in addition to providing pool service.

They repair pool engines, pool clocks, pool lighting, pool heaters, pool filters, pool pumps, pool valves, pool plumbing, pool tile, pool skimmers, key drains, pool leakage, pool automation, in-floor pool cleaners, and automated pool cleaners, as well as pool automation, in-floor pool cleaners, and automatic pool cleaners.

Their clear and frank connectivity, as well as helpful technologies, keep their consumers aware and updated. They go beyond and above with their clients! They finish work on time and on budget, and they go over and beyond to build long-term partnerships with their customers.

2. Pristine Pools, 3985 First St Suite S, Livermore, CA 94551

Pristine Pools was established with a common goal in mind: to have a high-quality backyard swimming pool experience. They put a premium on delivering the best quality customer service. Matt Vieira, the owner, is a California Licensed Contractor, a Certified Pool Operator by the National Swimming Pool Foundation/Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, a Certified Aquatic Energy Consultant, and a local warranty station for a number of manufacturers. Among other organizations, he has been on the board of trustees of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association.


Services: They provide pool start-up services in the Tri-Valley Region. They specialize in pebble tech finishes, plaster finishes, and salt chlorine generator start-ups. 

Autofill valves, backup valves, pressure relief valves, circuit boards, repair baskets, tab floaters, debris bags, universal wall fittings, relays, hi-temp unions, alarms, pool, spa lighting, pool RX, and many more are available. They provide repairs, supplies, and energy-saving solutions.

They offer a customized planned orientation program for unique, individual pools and facilities, including a safety review and, if necessary, the benefits of using energy-friendly pool equipment. Orientations are customized to the unique features of each client’s pool/spa scheme.

3. Preferred Pool and Spa Repair, 1141 Catalina Dr #171, Livermore, CA 94550




About: The company was founded in 2004. Evan Goldstein, the owner, has over 30 years of experience in the pool and spa business. Evan and his team place a premium on customer service. He is a firm believer in doing good work at a reasonable cost. Preferred Pool Repair receives over 500 service calls each year and makes an attempt to accommodate each and every one of them. 


Preferred Pool Repair is also a preferred vendor for most home warranty companies, owing to our excellent track record not just in terms of pricing, but also in terms of customer loyalty!


Services: They specialize in the operation, repair, and replacement of swimming pool and spa equipment, such as pumps, filters, heaters, clocks, control systems, above-ground plumbing and electrical, and more!


They provide comprehensive filter cleaning services that include disassembling the filter, cleaning all grids and cartridges to ensure optimum performance, and inspecting and replacing o-rings and gaskets as required.

4. Leslie’s Pool, 1002 E Stanley Blvd, Livermore, CA 94550



About: Leslie’s is your maintenance and installation specialist, from basic leaks to full re-plumbing work. Their friendly support technicians are highly qualified, and your complete satisfaction is assured. When you schedule a consultation with a service professional, you will be speaking with a knowledgeable Leslie’s employee rather than a third-party agent, like some pool stores do. They have service providers all over the world who are eager to assist you.


Leslie’s technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fix any big appliances. They’re also prepared, eager, and capable of doing other pool-related maintenance tasks.


Services: Pool Filtration, Filter Installation, Pool Cleaning and Sanitization, Pool Winterization, Tile Cleaning, Acid Wash.  

5. Swim Well, 2150 Portola Ave, Livermore, CA 94551



About: In 2014, the company was established. Swim Well is a pool cleaning service that aims to make people’s lives better when cleaning pools. Today, it’s difficult not to think about water. Concerns about the western world’s stewardship of the world’s most valuable resource, especially in California, are growing. Most of them have never been really thirsty. 


They’ve never had to abandon their homes and walk five miles to get water before. They just turn on the faucet, and water flows. It’s spotless. Despite this, there are 800 million people on the planet who do not have access to safe drinking water. They aren’t proposing grand solutions or multibillion-dollar plans, but rather straightforward solutions that work.


Services: Full service to chemical service, new swimming pool chemical startups, green pool cleanups, swimming pool inspections/cleanups (real estate), filter cleans, pool upgrades, and heater repairs and installation are also included with pool upkeep.

6. Sun Pointe Services, 4361 Technology Dr Suite F, Livermore, CA 94551



About: Sun Pointe Services, a commercial and residential swimming pool maintenance and repair company, was formed by Phillip and Eric Yecny in 2015, and they have been carrying on their father’s legacy of customer service, openness, and a strong work ethic.


They specialize in commercial service and new installation. This is also valid for domestic operations and deliveries. They also build commercial and residential baths.


Services: Weekly Commercial Pool Maintenance, Weekly Residential Pool Maintenance, Algae Treatments, Chemical Delivery, Full Service Clean, Chemical Testing/Balancing, Winterization Services, Inground Pool Cleaning, Pool and Spa Draining, Salt Cell Cleaning

7. Clean & Clear Pools, Inc., 976 Richard Ln, Danville, CA 94526



About: The company was founded in 2003. They are a locally owned and run chemical pool service that serves hundreds of customers in the Tri-Valley region. They take care of pool cleaning, equipment replacement, and renovations.


For algae and bacteria containment, Clean And Clear Pools offers the best possible water chemistry facility. They also keep the water balanced according to industry guidelines for swimming pools. 


Services: They specialize in pool cleaning, appliance repair, and replacement. From Alamo to Livermore, they service the greater Tri-Valley region. On a monthly basis, they have weekly pool service. Their service is priced, geared, and designed for year-round use, with a total of 49 weeks of service each year. They charge less per call than most providers.

8. Summit Pool & Spa, 2070 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA 94596



About: In 2018, the owners of Calypso Pool & Spa agreed to sell their small business in order to retire. Calypso Pool & Spa had built a solid reputation as a forward-thinking, professional, and meticulous pool service in the industry. In March 2018, Brad Whittenburg purchased Calypso and renamed it Summit Pool & Spa.


They’re a full-service pool provider that despises mediocrity in both domestic and business pools. They aren’t really fond of occupations that are simply good or decent. They wanted to create something unique – maybe astounding – inside the pool industry in a world of average.


Services: Inground Pool Cleaning, Brush Cleaning, Filter Cleaning & Replacement, Pool Skimming, Virtual Consultations, Pool Draining, Inspection Services, Pool Vacuuming

9. Coral Pools Service, 3463 Golden Gate Way, Lafayette, CA 94549



About: George Marcotte built Coral Pools in 1960, and the company has been in the Marcotte family for over 50 years! They have a lot of pool training and have been caring for them for quite some time. They have the experience and expertise to take care of all of your water pool needs. This is, by and large, a family business. Coral Pools is dedicated to fulfilling consumer expectations by providing all of a customer’s swimming pool needs while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Services Offered: Service and Repair of Pool Equipment and General Swimming Pool Maintenance


10. Aquarius Pool & Spa Service, 1822 Mt Diablo Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596



About: Aquarius Pool & Spa Service has been family-owned and runs the company for over 50 years. They are a full-service pool and spa maintenance company based in Walnut Creek. They are dedicated to innovation and have a reputation for doing high-quality jobs and providing excellent customer service.


Aquarius is committed to staying current on business and product information so that they can better support their clients. They belong to the specialist organizations mentioned below and are dedicated to public health and safety by using pools, spas, and hot tubs. 


Their employees attend pool and spa business workshops, scientific lectures, and conferences to network with other industry leaders and learn about emerging product trends in the fields of customer protection, energy management, and new product growth.


Services: Weekly pool service, Repairs and installations of equipment, In-store consultations and computerized water analysis, Provider of chemicals, supplies, components, and accessories to assist clients with keeping their pool and/or spa in good working order. 

11. Celtic Pool Service, 4355 39th Ave, Oakland, CA 94619



About: Celtic Pool Service specializes in pool maintenance and repair in Oakland and the surrounding suburbs, with an emphasis on developing energy-friendly pool systems.


They are well-versed and skilled in all types of pool equipment and accessories. When compared to other pool service providers in the Oakland area, their facilities are rather affordable.


Services: Pool Tile Cleaning, Tile Replacement, and Repair, One-Time Cleaning, Acid Washes, Heater Installations, Algae Removal, Chlorine Baths, Weekly Pool Service, Salt Water System Installations, Green Pool System Design, Pool Pump Repair, Filter Cleaning, Water Replacement (Draining and Replacing Water in Pool)

12. Pool Whip Pros, 1849 Farm Bureau Rd, Concord, CA 94519



About: Pool Whip Pros has been owned by Wesley Teixeira since its inception. Wesley has proved he is not only capable of leading a big enterprise but also knows the importance of anticipating the needs of his staff and, most importantly, each customer, with over ten years of real-world management education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Leadership. Pool Whip Pros is a prime example of this.


Pool Whip Pros was established with one primary aim in mind: to have a refined experience centered on excellence. They are inspired by their ideals to provide the best client experience available when delivering service in Contra Costa County.


Services: Chemical Service, Filter Cleaning, Heavy Duty Pool Cleaning, Yellow Algae Treatment, Phosphate Treatment

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