Water Heater Noises That Require Repair ASAP!

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Water Heater Noises That Require Repair ASAP!

Your water heater is one of the most-used items in your home. You use it for laundry, washing dishes, showering, and so on.  Hearing unusual sounds from your water heater can be annoying–but it can also be an indication of a problem with the heating system.

If you know what noises to look out for, it’ll be easier for you to determine if it’s time to get help from an experienced plumber for a water heater repair service.

Here are 4 types of water heater noises that require immediate repair:


When you hear a ticking sound, it’s likely caused by pressure fluctuations within the plumbing systems. Water heaters often use water outlet and inlet nipples along with heat traps. The plumbing connects to the heater with these nipples, which also improve the system’s efficiency. If this is the primary cause of the ticking, you can replace them with a nipple that does not trap heat.

The plumbing pipes – not the water heater itself – are another possible cause of the ticking sound. The pipes expand and contract as the temperature of the water falls and rises, leading to a noise that sounds like ticking.


water heater repairAre you hearing a popping noise coming from your water heater? Then there is a huge chance that sediment is building up in your tank. Sediment is any solid material that settles on the bottom part of your heater tank. It can appear in the form of sand and other debris or minerals that are formed once the water gets heated.

Over time, sediment will accumulate inside your tank and lead to problems. You can avoid the need for major water heater repair, however, by simply performing maintenance on the unit. Not only will this help it keep running smoothly, but it will also help flush out the sediment build-up.


For homeowners with a gas water heater, you may notice a sizzling sound whenever the burner is turned on. It’s a sign that you have a problem with condensation. Once condensation forms, it can drip onto the burner parts. If the burner is hot, you might hear a sizzling sound as the condensation drips down onto the surface.

A noisy water heater can also mean there is a leak inside your unit. Unlike the aforementioned issue, this sound often occurs when the burner is turned off. Be sure to check your water heater for any leaks–a nearby puddle is often a good indicator.

In most cases, a sizzling sound should be inspected by a professional plumber ASAP.


A knocking sound from the water heater can be quite irritating. Also called Water Hammer, it sounds like a knock or continuous hammering.

This sound occurs when the water that’s flowing through your plumbing system is abruptly turned off. When the water flow is suddenly stopped, the water has nowhere to go. It flows in reverse, back to its source, which is your water heater.

Water Hammer can be dangerous, as it actually has the capacity to cause a pipe to burst within your home. It can also lead to serious issues that will require major water heater repair. With enough force, the tank shell can expand, collapse a tube and possibly deform your tank.

Is your water heater making these noises? Read this for tips on how to find the best company to repair it!


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