What Are The Causes Of Poor Air Quality In The Home?

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What Are The Causes Of Poor Air Quality In The Home?

We all know that indoor air quality is just as important as outdoor air quality, but many people don’t know what the best ways are to improve it. Some of the most popular options include using an ionizer or ozone generator, opening windows regularly, and ensuring there is plenty of fresh air coming in through vents. There are also some interesting plants you can plant indoors like peace lilies and spider plants to help purify the air.


1.) Regularly change AC filters.

Changing your AC filter ensures that you have a clean, cool home all year round. The filters in air conditioners are always working hard to keep temperatures perfect for everyone’s comfort but they also remove some common pollutants from the air we breathe. Eventually, these dirty particles fill up and stop filtering properly which causes trouble on both fronts: not only does this decrease indoor quality of life by making people sick or discomforted if they’re sensitive; it can even break down important parts such as fans inside your unit! Make sure maintenance is scheduled annually (or more often) so there will be no disruption when issues arise – saving money by preventing repairs later down the line.


2.) Always check the air ducts.

Ducts are responsible for distributing hot and cold air throughout your home, providing a comfortable climate in every room. But if they’re not installed properly or maintained then you may experience lower quality of life with dust accumulating from one area to another preventing fresh clean airflow anywhere inside the house- even into bedrooms where we sleep!


Mold loves this type of material so it’s likely that some has found its way into places like heating ducts which can increase chances someone will have allergies later on down the line as well since their immune system doesn’t get enough opportunity fighting off these pesky particles before bedtime rolls around again.


3) When you’re cooking, be sure to turn on your kitchen vents or open a window.

Gas stoves release harmful contaminants including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide which can cause health problems for those living in close proximity. Even electric burners produce these same pollutants with lower levels of other particles that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream from inhaling the fumes released by appliances operated while they’re heating up dinner!


4) Your carpets and rugs keep your home clean.

Not only do they provide comfort, but by trapping dust in their fibers you’re doing a favor for yourself as well! Vacuum them weekly to make sure that they work properly – protecting both the air quality within our homes with each breath we take while also helping out those who have allergies or other respiratory problems when exposed to too much dirt without protection from these filtering microorganisms (and even making us feel better due to reduced stress).


6) Control humidity in the house.

Molds and mildew can trigger asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. Prevent them by maintaining consistent humidity levels in your home with a few well-placed humidifiers! There are many options available for different types of spaces like basements or bathrooms that will help create comfortable living conditions without inducing mold spores into the air as often happens during hot summer months when water runoff from roofs encourages growths inside homes otherwise deemed “dry.”


7) Indoor plants are a great way to freshen up your home.

Not only will they improve the air quality inside and out, but also by adding some greenery into spaces like corners of rooms or windowsills you can create inviting spots that make guests want to stay longer! There’s something about seeing lush green leaves against white walls with sprigs poking through them – it looks so natural yet stylish at once.




Are You Worried About Your Indoor Air Quality?

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