Why heater maintenance is important in avoiding heating repair

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Why heater maintenance is important in avoiding heating repair

In an ideal world, more homeowners would be as dedicated to their heating maintenance as they are to their automobile care. When it comes to scheduling regular oil changes and milestone services, most people wouldn’t dream of skipping an appointment. That’s because the consequences of automobile neglect can be pretty dire, and the last thing anyone wants is an unexpected car breakdown.

And yet, this careful, consistent thinking flies out the window when it comes to their home’s HVAC system. People pay regularly with their hard-earned money to get tires rotated or an oil change, but refuse to spend $100 to $200 a year for regular home HVAC maintenance. And when their system eventually breaks down, they will be the first to complain about the crazy high cost of HVAC repairs.

Aside from avoiding this very scenario, there are great benefits to having a fully functional, well-maintained HVAC system. Read on for a few reasons we believe regular HVAC maintenance is particularly worthwhile.

A heater that is regularly cleaned, serviced and adjusted by an industry professional will consistently work at peak performance. This means predictably keeping room temperatures consistent for as long as you need or expect. During extreme weather conditions, this comfort is an incredible luxury.

If your HVAC system is neglected, it’s likely to work too hard to maintain consistent temperatures and, in the process, consume more gas or electricity, resulting in higher utility bills! Or the system may be unable to keep your home at the desired temperature for an extended period of time.

Functionality & safety

Residential heating maintenance typically includes tasks like checking and tightening electrical connections, measuring the voltage and/or current on the motors, inspecting the heat exchanger for pinholes or cracks, checking gas valve to proper operation, and checking thermostat response and accuracy.

Left unchecked, an otherwise small problem can result in a dangerous or unhealthy situation. Worst-case scenarios include faulty electrical connections that can result in short or fire, or even carbon monoxide leaks.

Reduced repair & extended life

But the most compelling argument for regular heating maintenance is this: regular maintenance can extend the life of your HVAC equipment 7 to 10 years! And postponing the replacement of a large home expense is really the GREENEST way to enjoy that furnace, too.

How much does maintenance cost? Our Superior Service Club plan costs less than $200 per year and we’ll provide two yearly visits to clean, service and adjust your HVAC system. We’ll even call to remind you when the next visit is coming up. Are you ready to sign up?

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