How Often Do People Replace AC Units?

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Many homeowners don’t think about their central air conditioning system on a regular basis. It only appears when something goes wrong, which means that if something goes wrong, you’re in big trouble. Taking care of your air conditioner before it breaks down and replacing or repairing it before the worst happens can help you avoid this nightmare scenario. 

When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner? 

Air conditioning units typically last 10-15 years, while HVAC systems last 15-20 years. When your heating and cooling systems are properly maintained, such as by cleaning the system’s filters and air ducts on a regular basis, they last longer.

When you should replace your air conditioner depends on whether you notice your cooling system is working less efficiently than before or if your temperature is not properly adjusting. Keep an eye out for the troubling signs listed below, as well as the possibility of a repair or replacement.

Frequent breakdowns

Is it seeming like your air conditioner is always breaking down? If this is the case, your air conditioner is most likely nearing the end of its useful life. Instead of spending money on minor repairs, it may be more cost-effective to simply replace the air conditioner—especially if your unit is more than ten years old.

Odd leaking

If you’ve ever stepped outside and noticed unusual or heavy moisture or puddles around your air conditioner, it’s time to have it checked out right away. Not only can the leaking liquid endanger the environment and any people or pets nearby, but it can also cause damage to your home and furnishings. Even if the liquid isn’t a toxic coolant, it can still cause mold problems if it’s just water.

You aren’t getting any cool air

Maybe it’s self-evident, but if you’re not having any cool air, your air conditioner is probably broken. Any number of problems, from low Freon levels to a faulty compressor, maybe a factor. Make an appointment with a specialist or file a claim with Choose if you have a home warranty. To beat the sun, there’s no need to wait. If the damage is serious, you will need to seek a repair.

Several zones that aren’t cooled

Occasionally, problems with your air conditioning system are caused by your thermostat rather than the main cooling unit. A faulty thermostat could prevent your home or apartment from being properly cooled. If the other rooms are fine and the problem is isolated to one zone, it’s worth having a professional check the thermostats to see if they’re the source of the problem. If that’s the case, you could be fortunate enough to only need to upgrade one or two thermostats rather than the entire system.

Energy Bills have risen dramatically

As A/C units get older and break down, they lose power. This means they use more energy to cool your house, resulting in a higher monthly heating bill. In addition, if your air conditioner is more than ten years old, it will have a low SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). Your air conditioner’s SEER rating indicates how energy-efficient it is.


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