Why It Is Better To Install An Air Conditioner In A High Place?

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When determining where to put air conditioner units, a variety of factors come into play, and these factors differ from person to person. The performance of your air conditioner will be calculated by where you position it.

Finally, you must ensure that the internal air conditioning unit has sufficient room and air to function properly.

Where to place internal AC Units

Individual Units

If you only have one air conditioner and live in a two-bedroom apartment with an open floor plan, you’ll need to think about your everyday life before deciding where to put it.

In this case, you might consider installing an air conditioner in the open living room, where family members spend the majority of their time watching TV, eating, or conversing.

If you’re worried about controlling the temperature in your bedroom at night, keep in mind that the air conditioner should have controlled the room temperatures in the apartment by the time dusk falls.

Some people, however, spend very little time in their open living spaces. If you’re a family or couple who spends most of their time outside and gathers in the evenings on a regular basis, you may want to consider putting the internal air conditioner in the bedroom.

Two Units

You have the option of placing your AC units much more efficiently in the home if you have two systems. This means you can place the second air conditioner in the master bedroom or another wide area of your home in addition to the one in the open-plan living area.

The beauty of a Cool You internal device is that it doesn’t have to be hidden from view. Our air conditioners are sleek, white, and blend in perfectly with your decor, unlike many conventional air conditioners. This means we can position the air conditioner where it can effectively serve the entire apartment without having to shield it from view.

Multi – Units System

Individual units can be positioned in a number of locations in your home with this form of device. When deciding where to put your internal air conditioner, keep in mind that there are a variety of choices available, depending on your specific requirements.

Since you won’t be moving them anytime soon, you can put them in the most convenient locations. Our team of experienced engineers will collaborate with you to determine the best locations for installing air conditioners to keep your home cool.

So what is the safest height for installing air conditioning?

For 1 Ton Air-con, the correct room size is 10L X 10W X 10H.

For the best cooling performance in a 10-foot high space, a split style AC should be mounted at 7 – 8 feet. The best height for a window air conditioner is 3-4 feet off the ground. Since heat dissipation is impossible when the AC is mounted close to the wall or in an airtight space, it will trip due to high head pressure. After installing the air conditioner, the distance must be greater than 900 mm, and the top of the shaft should not be closed.

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