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5 Predictions About the Future of Smart Thermostats for Homes

We’re already living in a future where smart thermostats are a thing. More and more homes are starting to install them, and for good reason. Smart thermostats can save you money on your energy bill, they’re convenient to use, and they can even help you reduce your carbon footprint. In this article, we’re going to take a look at five predictions about the future of smart thermostats for homes. Keep reading to find out what these predictions are!


Smart thermostats which are the future of smart thermostats will help homeowners in saving money on their energy bills.

Energy prices continue to climb, and with the average family spending hundreds of dollars every month on heating and cooling, it’s more important than ever for homeowners to make sure they’re doing everything they can to cut back on how much power they use in the home. Additionally, the future of smart thermostats like Nest makes your home more comfortable because you can control your heating and cooling from anywhere at any time.

Smart thermostats have the potential to lead to future reductions in energy consumption. Some smart thermostats can be programmed to automatically adjust the temperature when no one is home, or even if they work from home and aren’t scheduled to arrive for hours. This means that you’re not heating an empty house – wasting energy and money.


  • Cloud-based Devices Like Smart Thermostats Will Improve Their Security

This is just one of the future predictions about how smart thermostats will be better in the future.

With homes increasingly becoming ‘smart’, the future predictions are that security measures for cloud-based devices like smart thermostats will improve too. Smart thermostats are currently not designed with network safety in mind according to new research, which analyzed their overall security features and functionality, finding some issues with them.

With smart thermostats being made more affordable, they are expected to become more common in future homes and buildings which is why future predictions suggest that it is important that these future smart devices should improve their security functionality.


  • Smart Thermostat Manufacturers Will Start Developing Software Updates For Smart Devices Automatically

Future smart thermostat manufacturers will include automatic software updates with their devices.

Despite the benefits of regular updates and improvements to smart thermostats, future smart thermostat manufacturers will still provide an option for customers who do not want regular updates or do not need them as often.

For those who choose to receive automatic updates, future software updates could include things like improved algorithms for diagnostics and future product generation improvements such as increased compatibility with other systems like Alexa and Google Home.

Auto-updating is a common feature in most modern electronics including smartphones and computers. Customers appreciate being able to manage their update schedule on these products by setting a specific time for the update or delaying it completely until they have more time.


  • Future Smart Thermostats Will Be Compatible With All HVAC Systems

Future smart thermostat manufacturers will make future products compatible with more heating and cooling system types in order to increase their market.

While future smart thermostat manufacturers keep targeting the same high-end, luxury markets for these future smart devices, future product generations will expand to include compatibility for less expensive options in order to attract a larger consumer base.

At this point, many customers are still hesitant about investing in a potential luxury technology just yet. Future smart thermostats will have the option of being compatible with more affordable options in order to exponentially grow their market share.

For example, future generation thermostats could support several different types of HVAC systems such as central heating, heat pumps, geothermal and more.

Additionally, future smart thermostats will be able to recognize the type of system a future customer has in order to provide a truly personalized experience without making future users jump through hoops just to get used out of the future product.


  • App Diagnostics Will Aid in the Future Improvement of Maintenance Repairs With Future Smart Thermostats

A future trend for future smart thermostats is the ability to run diagnostics based on information gathered by an app or other device. For example, will future smart thermostats be able to predict that a future AC unit replacement is needed based on your AC system’s failure to cool during hot weather every year at the beginning of June? Will future smart thermostat manufacturers create apps that can diagnose these future issues and provide guidance regarding whether future AC units need to be replaced, repaired, or serviced?

In future smart thermostats for homes, developers are considering adding a new feature that would allow the device to communicate with a phone through an app. This communication could then be used to diagnose future problems with the home’s heating and cooling equipment with greater accuracy.

We predict that in the next few years, smart thermostats will start to show significant reductions in energy consumption. How do we know? The simple answer is that everyone should expect their devices to become more efficient with time. Already today, many manufacturers are starting to release updates for their products automatically so they can be better maintained and improved – which means these companies want you to come back again and again. All of this progress leads us to believe that future versions of smart thermostats will not only save homeowners money on utility bills by reducing energy usage but also help them diagnose any issues quickly without ever needing a repairman or service technician visit! So what are you waiting for? Call us today!



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