How Can My AC Improve Indoor Air Quality?

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How Can My AC Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Heating and cooling your home will affect the air quality. If you have an AC system, there are a few things you can do to help improve the indoor air quality by making sure that your AC is properly maintained and cleaned. This blog post shares tips for keeping your HVAC in good working order and how it affects the air quality of your home.


What’s the Main Purpose of ACs?

The primary function of air conditioners is to make us feel cooler and reduce the heat in a room. They can remove different contaminants such as pollen or dust from indoor environments through their filters, which are often pushed back into your home after being filtered for only a short period of time.   Changing out your filter will help you breathe easier. A/C filters are designed to trap particles and allergens, but some of them don’t do the job as well on small objects like dust or pollen compared with others such as HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration systems which have been proven much more effective at getting rid these pesky pollutants in our indoor air!   One of the greatest benefits to having an air conditioner is that it can be used as a cleaning tool. Nowadays, people are slightly more aware than ever before thanks in large part due to all those commercials on TV for companies such as Maytag or Dyson who promise their appliances will make your house clean again if you just follow some simple steps. But what many homeowners forget when they’re making these purchases at big box stores without looking into them further may surprise you – even though there’s no dirt present inside any type of filter; this doesn’t mean they work better! What happens instead is particles from outside get stuck within them because normal household dust carries lots of microscopic germs with each breath we take which means once they are clogged up, the air conditioner isn’t able to filter them out anymore.   A dirty AC won’t be as effective at keeping your home comfortable which means it might have to work harder or longer than necessary in order to do its job if filters aren’t changed regularly.   The evaporator coils should also stay clean. This part of your air conditioner cleans the dirty, stagnant indoor air and makes it fresh for you to breathe; however, without proper maintenance from time to time dirt can build upon these sensitive surfaces which would lead to corrosion as well as gas leaks that release harmful fumes into our homes’ interior spaces. Dirty coils promote the growth of mold and mildew as well. With dust mixed in, it’s no wonder that this is bad for your health! It should top priority to clean them up before more damage can be done.   Loose and dirty ducts also send contaminated air into your room. Firmly seal them with a quality product to prevent the devices from blowing contaminants that can cause illnesses like asthma, or allergies.


How Does AC Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Your air conditioning system is a vital part of your home’s heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) unit. Without the filters that remove particles from natural indoor moisture in our environment, it would be difficult for us to breathe clean air! This quality HVAC helps regulate relative humidity levels which can lead to mold or mildew if humidity gets too high on its own accord as well as fungus growths such as bacteria or viruses among other things.   You should also be aware that the systems and technology in your house can affect air quality. Air purification, condition of ducts for heat or coolness, etc., will all have an impact on what you breathe inside!



Are You Worried About Your Indoor Air Quality?

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