How Can You Tell If Your Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

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If you have noticed that your house isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, or if you notice your heating and cooling system is running more often than usual, then maybe it’s time for some duct cleaning. Ducts can collect dust and other particles over the years which will reduce their efficiency in heating and cooling. This can lead to increased energy bills and costly repairs. Cleaning ducts could save you enough money on utility costs in just one year to pay for the cost of having them cleaned!!

What Are The Dangers Of Dirty Air Ducts?

The dirty air ducts can cause respiratory problems, and may even increase the risk of asthma in children. Dirty ducts could also lead to mold growth which is not only dirty but very dangerous as well! The mold that grows inside your house might give you or a family member allergies or an infection.

  • Safeguard your family’s health
  • Keep your home clean and mold-free
  • Lower pest control bills by getting rid of insects in the ducts right away!
  • Be eco-friendly and save energy

How Can You Tell If Your Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

If you have noticed that your house isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, or if dust and debris accumulate inside dirty ductwork, they restrict airflow within the system which can result in increased energy bills and costly repairs. This is because any blockages will impact both heating efficiency as well as cooling comfort levels by reducing the amount of warm or cool air delivered to each room. And this could be costing you money.

  • Save money by improving the efficiency of your heating and cooling system
  • Help clean up the environment with a greener option to air duct cleaning
  • Make your house more comfortable all year round for less than you’d imagine
  • Keep those pesky dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and debris out of your home
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What Happens When Your Ducts Are Cleaned?

A thorough deep cleaning will remove all dust particles from every nook and cranny of your system’s many components. The cleaner will also vacuum out the insulation on pipes which can fill with soot over the years. This includes vacuuming filters inside furnaces/air handlers as well as dirty coils at outside condenser units; securely sealing return vents where dirty outdoor air is pulled into the home; dusting ceiling fans with dirty blades, and cleaning dirty return grills which can collect debris over the years.

Additionally, your ducts will be treated with a microbial biocide that kills bacteria, viruses & mold spores – making your system cleaner than ever!

Your new clean air ducts should make you feel more comfortable in your home while also saving on energy bills as they run less often to provide the same comfort level. This could save you up to $150 per year just from lower utility costs (depending on how many vents are cleaned).

  • Keep your air ducts clean and fresh
  • Your system will run less which saves you money
  • Have better-living conditions with a cleaner, fresher home

Dust is one of the most common causes of respiratory and sinus complications, skin inflammation, asthma attacks, allergies. You might not realize how much dust has accumulated in your ducts until you notice a significant increase in heating or cooling bills. A dirty furnace could be minutes away from breaking down because of all that dust buildup! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to get those vents cleaned out so you can spend less time cleaning up around the house and more time enjoying it with family and friends.

Do You Need an A Home Air Duct Cleaning Service You Can Trust?

Superior Mechanical Services, Inc. began in 1948 as a family-owned business with a vision to provide value-minded service with a down-to-earth approach to customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Having a professional perform services for air quality & duct cleaning ensures your family’s safety, reduces the symptoms of seasonal, dust, and pet allergies, and helps keep your home free of dust. Getting annual service is our recommendation for clean and healthy living year-round. We also can help you find pre-stage and HEPA filters that not only maintain your HVAC equipment but do a better job of removing fine dust particles from the air. If you need help with air quality & duct cleaning give us a call or contact us today for amazing service tomorrow!

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