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Air ducts can become dirty over the years, leading to a buildup of dust and other household allergens. This contamination may then be circulated through your air conditioner or furnace, which could lead to respiratory problems and allergies. While you might not notice it at first, there are some telltale signs that air ducts need professional attention:


  • odors in certain rooms
  • dry eyes or nose
  • unexplained sinus issues


Many people choose air duct cleaning when they’ve noticed these issues for several months without any improvement. You should also take air conditioning service into consideration if you have an issue with excessively high utility bills year after year—this is often a sign that your system

Duct cleaning is a process that takes between one and two hours. It’s important to have the air duct system in your home professionally cleaned so that there are no leaks, dirt particles, or contaminants left behind which can cause health problems for you and your family. The professionals who come out will inspect every part from the air handler (the part of the system that supplies fresh air) all the way up through your registers (the outlets where heat or cool air exits). They also check for insulation issues and any other heating/cooling-related problems. All in all, it’s a pretty simple process- just give us a call!


  • Save a ton of money in energy-related costs.
  • Make sure the air quality is safe for your family and pets.
  • Keep allergies at bay with our professional cleaning services.
  • Ask about getting sealant applied to your ducts, increasing their lifespan and efficiency by preventing dirt particles from seeping into them!


You might not notice it at first, but there are some telltale signs that air ducts need professional attention. If you’ve noticed any of the following symptoms in your home, we recommend calling our team as soon as possible for a consultation and cleaning appointment: odors in certain rooms; dry eyes or nose; unexplained sinus issues. While these may be harmless on their own, over time they could lead to more serious health problems if left untreated. Don’t wait too long! Give us a call today so we can help take care of your problem before it becomes an issue.

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Do You Need an A Home Air Duct Cleaning Service You Can Trust?

Superior Mechanical Services, Inc. began in 1948 as a family-owned business with a vision to provide value-minded service with a down-to-earth approach to customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Having a professional perform services for air quality & duct cleaning ensures your family’s safety, reduces the symptoms of seasonal, dust, and pet allergies, and helps keep your home free of dust. Getting annual service is our recommendation for clean and healthy living year-round. We also can help you find pre-stage and HEPA filters that not only maintain your HVAC equipment but do a better job of removing fine dust particles from the air. If you need help with air quality & duct cleaning give us a call or contact us today for amazing service tomorrow!

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