How Does Cleaning Air Ducts Improve Indoor Air Quality?

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How Does Cleaning Air Ducts Improve Indoor Air Quality?

If you’ve ever been sick for what feels like forever and you can never seem to pinpoint the cause, it might be time to clean your air ducts. Air ducts are often overlooked by homeowners as they think that because they don’t see dirt on them, they must not need to be cleaned. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! A dirty air duct will only allow dust and contaminants into your home which will then settle onto everything in your house (including all of those surfaces you’ve been trying so hard to keep clean). Plus, a dirty air duct is not going to have any insulation properties whatsoever – meaning it’s just another way for heat or cold from outside coming inside.


Duct cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining your home’s heating and cooling system. In general, it refers to the thorough cleaning of various components that make up an air conditioning or ventilation unit for forced-air systems such as supply ducts, return register tubes (including registers), grilles/diffusers, etc., coils within walls; heat exchangers for HVAC units–which includes condensate pans if applicable-, fan motors & their housings in machinery rooms.


If the air condition system is not properly installed, maintained, and operated then it could become contaminated with particles of dust, pollen, or other debris. Moisture in this environment increases its potential for microbiological growth such as mold which may cause allergic reactions when inhaled by people who are exposed to them.


Mold spores can be released into your living space causing symptoms like allergies from time to torture!


When it comes to air ducts, prevention is the best medicine. The way you maintain your ducts can minimize contamination and reduce any need for costly repairs down the road! Annual maintenance will be very beneficial in both saving money on bigger problems that may arise later as well as preserving efficiency with these important appliances.


There are many methods to clean your air ducts, but the industry has set standards for this process. A service provider will use specialized tools in order to get dirt and other debris out of them while also vacuuming up any leftovers using high-powered vacuums that can remove about 90% more than what gets sucked into it!


It’s important to keep in mind that dirty air ducts are only one of many possible sources of particles present inside homes. Pollutants coming from outside activities can cause greater exposure than just sitting around with a light amount dusting your house and other particulates, but there is no evidence these tiny granules pose any risk for health problems as long as they are not greatly accumulated over time.


Household dust may be an unfortunate byproduct rather than anything dangerous when it comes down to how much we need this type of matter found throughout our houses each day – though there haven’t been enough studies conducted on humans.


Cleaning out your HVAC system can create a more comfortable environment. Air flow is improved, energy bills go down and the lifespan of an inefficient machine may be extended by as much as 10 years!




Are You Worried About Your Indoor Air Quality?

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