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When summer arrives, you expect your central air conditioner to work flawlessly, and even the best air conditioners will develop problems over time. Is your air conditioner not working properly?


When the temperature outside rises, the last thing you want to be thinking of is why the air conditioner isn’t running. 


When your heater struggles to heat your home during the winter, the same can be said.


A faulty heater or air conditioner, whether it’s a malfunctioning central air conditioner or a boiler that just doesn’t seem to be doing its job, is cause for concern in anyone’s book. 


A defective device could result in an expensive repair—not to mention the hours spent waiting for it to be repaired!


Heating and cooling deficiencies, on the other hand, can be deceiving. Many times, the problem is much less serious than it seems on the surface. All types of heating and cooling mishaps are caused by clogged filters, dead thermostat batteries, and other easily-fixed issues. 


The positive thing is that these are the types of fixes you should do yourself to save money to get your air conditioner back up and running quickly. The following are some of the reasons why your HVAC is not working. 


1. It’s time to replace your filter.


When the central air conditioner malfunctions, the first thing you can do is replace the filter. Filters that are clogged block ventilation, which ensures cooled air cannot enter your vents. Turning off your machine and replacing the filter with a fresh, clean one is your best bet. Then restart the air conditioner and wait an hour or two for it to cool off.


Similarly, filters collect small particles in heaters, and a clogged filter can limit air passage through the vents. Filters that are dirty make the heating devices work harder, which increases the electricity costs. 


As a result, the machine will see additional wear and tear, as well as a shorter lifetime. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in your heating and cooling efficiency if you change the filter once a month!


2. A Broken Thermostat


If your heating or cooling system isn’t running, the issue could be with your home thermostat. The most common symptom is a dead or malfunctioning computer screen. 


There’s an easy way to find out. First and foremost, and this might seem self-evident, double-check that you have the thermostat adjusted to the proper settings. 


Replace the battery after that. Remove the front plate by unscrewing it. The battery housing can be found inside. Make sure the interior isn’t clogged with dust or dirt. 


Now inspect the area where the thermostat meets the wall for any missing or damaged wires or electrical connections. 


Have you had no luck so far? It’s definitely a smart idea to contact a professional who can inspect your device more thoroughly right now.


3. Your furnace’s pilot light has gone out


Is your furnace acting up? It’s a good idea to double-check the pilot light! This small flame is used to generate heat in older gas furnaces (newer models normally have an electrical ignition source, so this workaround won’t work for them). 


A heavy draft or gust of wind will extinguish the flame, requiring you to relight it in order to reactivate the heat.


Fortunately, this isn’t difficult to do. The first step is to determine where the gas valve is located. This valve is used on every furnace and attaches it to the gas line. 


Switch it off and wait five minutes, which should be enough time for any extra gas to dissipate. Use a fireplace lighter to light the pilot and keep it burning. Still, for about 30 seconds, press the valve down. 


The gas can ignite at this stage, relighting the blaze. Contact a licensed repairman if it doesn’t, even if the flame won’t stay lit. You’re probably dealing with a more serious issue.


4. There’s a mechanical issue with your system


There is a slew of other reasons why the air conditioner isn’t running, but the majority of them are technical problems that can be addressed by professionals. 


Except for experienced technicians, air conditioning and heating systems are small, complex pieces of equipment that are incredibly difficult to diagnose and fix.


For certain homeowners, a repair plan that requires a seasonal tune-up and inspection is the best option. However, you can look for a contract that costs less than $300 per year; otherwise, it might not be worth your investment. 

Pressure levels, electrical contacts, and the state of your device will also be checked by technicians, who will also clean the parts. And just going through the process will save you a lot of grief in the long run.


5. The System’s Leaks 


Leaks in your HVAC system are simple to diagnose but more difficult to repair. Even then, giving the tech this detail before he starts is a good idea.


Start with the obvious when diagnosing a system leak. Look for liquid flowing from somewhere other than the condenser pipe (which is usually where the water leaks).


Check for ice in your filter. Leaking refrigerant can allow the moisture trapped in your filter to freeze, turning it into a popsicle.


A seal could also be dry-rotted or corroded if a pipe is leaking at a junction. 


Even with routine servicing and treatment, older units will eventually malfunction.  If you’re not sure how old your machine is, you can look up the serial number and see when it was manufactured.


Your HVAC unit can have issues due to leaks, clogged filters, or the age of the unit. Having a trained mechanic come out to fix or replace your device will save you money on gas and reduce your environmental effects.


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